March 16, 2024

Nice M23 in flexbar technology

Nice M23 in flexbar technology

Nice looking M23 custom in flexbar technology. 6.10 21 x 2 3/4 

Great all round board for someone who still wants to carve but have the ease of catching waves and paddle power .

Comes in Flexbar and Woolflex custom order available online in shop 

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Happyeverday in Woolflex

Happyeverday in Woolflex

The happyeverday in Woolflex 6.1 custom 

Why Wool few reasons of many?

All the off cuts are recycled into insulation 

Wool is 100%biodegradable 

Supports farming industry and innovation 

Can build different cores around the wool as it is more flexible than fiberglass 

The manufacturing process is less harming to the individual's who build the boards .






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Diary of a surfboard shaper

Diary of a surfboard shaper

From a time ago 

Having  handshaped a  load of Pu boards the old fashion way .These two handshapes  stick out after going through some old pics. 

The gun 9.1

Handshaped  for a  surfer and  musician Taane from down South .Unfortunately not on earth any longer .Was a honour to shape it and see it surfed in size .Such a good guy as well .

The pic of me holding the gun  is from our old factory

Pretty funny ,we forgot to ask the  landlord if it was ok to get the ding repair nurse mural sprayed on the wall ,his wife wasn't impressed when she drove passed .

The single/ handshaped it for indo years ago just for a fun board .Jimi sprayed it looked so sick and

went fun .Classic shape one of those ones I probably should of held onto.


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Amazing Waves Tai vs Dad  riding ci Flexbars and Wool flex boards

Amazing Waves Tai vs Dad riding ci Flexbars and Wool flex boards

Amazing waves and great  surfing from around the north island 

Matt owns a ci fish, fish beard twinnys and a 6.8 Ci midlenght in the  state of the art technology Woolflex.

Tai owns  and is surfing on fevers in Flexbar technology 






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Custom 6.1 20.1/4 x 2 11/16 rocket wide

Custom 6.1 20.1/4 x 2 11/16 rocket wide

6.1  Rocketwide with custom Glass infused Flexbar 


Deck 3 x 4 oz with added 4 oz diamond patch 

Carbon strips 

Bottom 2 x 4 oz with reinforcement around plugs 

Weight 3.1 kgs 


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Custom dumpest diver 5.10

Custom dumpest diver 5.10

Older model ci but still a perfect shape for the up coming summer 

This is a custom 5.10 19 7/8 x 2 5/8 in our updated advanced Flexbar infused technology built strong 

Glassing  3 x 4oz with carbon strips deck 

Bottom  2 x 4 oz  with reinforcement around fin plugs 

Final weight  2.83 kgs 

Order via email 


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Woolflex what is it ?

Woolflex what is it ?

Woolflex is a technology that enables us to build surfboards by replacing the fibreglass with New Zealand Grown wool .It's a combination of new invented tooling technology (by Barron)with one of the oldest fibres known to man Wool .

The Wool is more flexible than traditional synthetic fibres which allows us to build boards that we can design the flex /feel into the eps cores as well as maintaining the overall weight and strength. 

Benefits :

Available in any model of world renowned surfboard brand  Channel islands.

Will never yellow with age as the wool is colored.

Can easily be fixed with normal fibreglass and epoxy resin 

Awesome looking 

New Zealand made 

Lightweight strong surfboard 

Wool is biodegradable which means of cuts don't end up in landfills 

Cores are 100% recyclable 

Supporting Nz/  farmers /industry /technology 


Colours that are available 


Charcoal grey 

Olive green 

Futures or fcs2
















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Custom made Flexbar Ci Two Happy model

Custom made Flexbar Ci Two Happy model

Custom Flexbar technology available in New Zealand 


6.3 19 7/8 X 2 11/16 

3x 4oz/ carbon strips top x 2 4oz bottom 

3.1 kg built strong 💪

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Summer is on its way

Summer is on its way

You can custom order any Channel Islands or Barron model .  In our own Nz  invented technology Woolflex or Flexbar.

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September 26, 2023
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