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Once ordered, it will take 4-5 weeks before your board is delivered. We create each one fresh for you, so once shaped (and sprayed) we will deliver it as soon as we can. Once posted, we will provide you with shipping details.


Surfboard Care

Our aim is to get you the best board we can. Here are a few tips to keep your new stick looking sharp.

Don't expose your board to excessive heat.
Don't leave your board in or on your car on a hot day.
Don't leave your board in direct sunlight or on hot sand.
Don't over flex your board.
Don't ride your board onto rocks, reef or the shore.

Do wash your board in clean water after each surf.
Do keep your board in a cool, dry and shady place.


Surfboard Finish & Sprays

All surfboards are handmade and as much as we try to make them perfect, there will be slight imperfections, this is normal. The same goes for sprays and decals, we try to give a truly arty and original look, so rough edges or textures are to be expected. Images on the site are indications only, the colour and style of sprays and logos may differ slightly, but we do our best to make sure they will still look rad. It's handcraft baby... all makes for an original and personal board with soul!

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