Diary of a surfboard shaper

Diary of a surfboard shaper

From a time ago 

Having  handshaped a  load of Pu boards the old fashion way .These two handshapes  stick out after going through some old pics. 

The gun 9.1

Handshaped  for a  surfer and  musician Taane from down South .Unfortunately not on earth any longer .Was a honour to shape it and see it surfed in size .Such a good guy as well .

The pic of me holding the gun  is from our old factory

Pretty funny ,we forgot to ask the  landlord if it was ok to get the ding repair nurse mural sprayed on the wall ,his wife wasn't impressed when she drove passed .

The single/ handshaped it for indo years ago just for a fun board .Jimi sprayed it looked so sick and

went fun .Classic shape one of those ones I probably should of held onto.


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