The diary of a surfboard shaper

The diary of a surfboard shaper


5.7  18.7/8 x 2.5/16  26.9 litres

3x futures 



This is pretty much my go to board shape  in any conditions in the bay area or down south up to around 5 ft .Always  in swallow tails Goes insane in 2 to 4 ft, perfect for the way I surf .

Board Weight wise

Surf alot of onshore  slop so there not usually super light around the 2.5 to   2 .7 kgs .About the weight of a team glassed Pu .But lasts alot longer 

When it gets too  big which is only a few times a year  I Handshaped  a Rounded Pin   

6.0   19  x  2.3/8 

3 plugs futures

eps/ epoxy/ flex

Easy paddling and getting in early is a breeze Feels like a gun compared to all my rocketwides 


You can own a custom rocket wide via the sites board page 



vaux surfboards
Barron CI Flex Bar