Channel Islands Neck Beard 2 FlexBar


When something isn’t broke, there’s no need to fix it. That said, Britt Merrick and Dane Reynolds still felt a few slight refinements would make an already epic board that much better. And it did: The merits to this update can be seen in Dane’s new surf film “The Electric Acid Surfboard Test.”

A big fan of single concave, Dane asked Britt to take out the vee from the original Neck Beard, creating single throughout. This changed the rocker landscape some, but in a very positive way—enhancing its wave entry, down-the-line speed, and overall control. They also widened the tail block 1/2” and added a slight hip, resulting in increased responsiveness and maneuverability.

Dane prefers the Neckbeard 2 as a tri-fin, but those that like quads may notice added down-the-line speed. It comes with a three-fin setup, but you can request a five fin to get the best of both worlds for a little extra.

This board features FlexBar technology. The major component of this new innovative core is composite sandwich vacuum foam running from the centre to 50mm from centre bottom . This acts as the main base for the FlexBar, allowing the board to flex without losing any strength, as well as lowering the vibration (resonance), which is often identified as a negative in EPS cores.

The result is a lighter/ stronger/ smoother feeling ride in all conditions.

Glassing 3x 4oz  top 2x 4oz bottom 

Ave weight  2.3 to 2.6 

Please note this board comes as a 3 fin, and does not come with fins.


Length Width Thickness Volume
5’4 18 5/8 2 3/16 24.2
5’5 18 7/8 2 1/4 25.6
5’6 19 2 5/16 26.8
5’7 19 1/8 2 3/8 28.1
5’8 19 3/8 2 7/16 29.7
5’9 19 5/8 2 1/2 31.3
5’10 19 7/8 2 9/16 32.9
5’11 20 2 5/8 34.4
6’0 20 1/8 2 11/16 35.9
6’2 20 3/8 2 3/4 38.2
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Barron CI Flex Bar

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