Neck Beard 2 is Nek Level

Neck Beard 2 is Nek Level

From Dane Reynold's performance on the newly updated shape in Stab’s film “The Electric Acid Surfboard Test” to that of Eithan Osbourne's biggest air win at the Waco wave pool 'Stab High' event, the Neck Beard 2 is getting a lot of hype.. and for good reason.

“We recently did some little tweaks to Neck Beard 2 that we’re really excited about,” explain Britt. “Like making it single concave throughout, widening the tail a tad and doing a minor rocker adjustment. All in all, it just made an already epic board that much better.”

 Neck Beard 2

“First off, I just love the way the chop tail looks on the Neck Beard 2,” explains Stab High’s Highest Air winner Eithan. “But it isn’t just about the looks that make it rad. Its wider tail helps you go faster, land airs easier and it’s just so loose you can turn it wherever and whenever you want."

We are the exclusive shapers of the Channel Islands Neck Beard 2 in FlexBar Technology in New Zealand. To find out more, or to order a Neck Beard 2 in FlexBar click here

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